Zamboni Driver Matt Messer

Matt Messer is an Ice Technician at Calgary’s Saddledome. (That means — among other things — he gets to drive the Zamboni!)

Matt took a break from driving his 2 ton sled in circles to give us insights in to how the ice is made, what he tells people he does for a living, what life was like after the flood and what it’s like to work in front of 20,000 people each night.

Matt was a real gentleman and we enjoyed his humble and often humorous insights into the world of ‘ice-making’.

If you enjoy this highlight version of Matt’s interview, you can watch the unedited 30-minute version here. In the ‘Uncut’ version, Matt takes us below the ice surface, talks about how he got the job, what it takes to run the machine, and what happens when the arena becomes a concert venue.