[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Elvis Costello’s guitar tech,  TIM MECH has worked with a long list of bands including The Tragically Hip, Barenaked Ladies, Beck, Sarah McLachlan and Jeff Healey. Tim shares his touring experience and addresses some rock and roll legends.


When we met MATT MESSER he was Ice Technician (and Zamboini driver!) at Calgary’s Saddledome. Matt took us for a ride on his 2-ton sled, told us how he got the job and what it’s like to stay inside the lines with 20,000 people watching each night.


JANNE LAX makes beautiful shoes by hand, one pair at a time.  He is also the designer of Saint Vacant vacant shoes, which he sells online and from his workshop/store in Helsinki, Finland.

Get Off Work spoke with Janne about the challenges of making a really comfortable shoe, and how someone could get started in the ultra-competitive fashion industry.


Dig that crazy SANTA CLAUS with his red suit on.

When we went to the mall to meet Santa and interview the man behind the beard later at a Tim Hortons, we weren’t expecting a 20-something gamer with a neck tatoo. But Larry Smith has a heart as big as Santa’s sled and 7 years experience patiently listening to kids, saving their lists and being photographed with their pets.

This is a highlights version of our full interview with Larry Smith. To hear more of Larry’s views on the kids, the holiday and what he plans to do when he hangs up the red suit for the last time, click here.


ELICSER ELLIOTTone of Toronto’s most prolific spray paint artists, talked to us during the completion of his Monarch Park underpass work.


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