Elvis Costello’s guitar tech,  TIM MECH has worked many bands including Beck, Sarah McLachlan, The Tragically Hip, Barenaked Ladies and Jeff Healey. Tim shares his touring experience and experiences with some of rocks legends.

MATT MESSER is the Ice Technician (and Zamboini driver!) at Calgary’s Saddledome. Matt took us for a ride on his 2-ton sled, told us how he got the job and what it’s like to stay inside the lines with 20,000 people watching each night.

We went to Tim Hortons to meet the man behind the beard. Though we weren’t expecting a 20-something gamer with a neck tatoo, we discovered Larry Smith to have a heart as big as Santa’s sled. He’s spent 7 years patiently listening to kids of all ages, being photographed with their pets and hearing some ‘wishes’ he couldn’t have imagined or granted.

ELICSER ELLIOTT is one of Toronto’s most prolific spray paint artist. He met us under the bridge to talk paint, perceptions, vandalism and his chosen art form as he completed his City of Toronto commissioned mural in Monarch Park.